"My work is the representation of urban space trying to reflect some vital questions of the human existence such as loneliness, the existential anguish of the passage of time, the underlying idea of ​​death, as the end of the road, emptiness and absence. At first, the works may seem empty, devoid of human content, a mere landscape representation, since there is no human element in it. It is not simply a matter of observing the urban space as such, as in the simple contemplation of the architectural elements that appear in front of us, but I, as an observer, who forms part of the work in first person, who complete it, who experience solitude by himself, within a usually crowded urban space.

It is about transmitting the idea that we can feel totally alone in a city, aliened by everything, empty and far from any hint of humanity, despite living continually surrounded by people and stimuli. It is something that constantly exists around us, and most of the time we ignore it because it happens to others. It is a purely existential vision of reality.

For this, light plays an important factor as a source of emotions. The contrast of light and shadow seeks to intensify those emotions that persistently affect us. Each one objectivizes his reality, gives his focus and leads him to a reality that makes sense within his existence. A constant in the works is the reflection of water, coming to mark a duality between the real and the unreal, the objective being the reality that is presented and the subjective reflecting it as the observer's own reality".

  At present I´m focused on a new figurative project, based on develop the symbolist concept from 19th century in a new way, trying to show how has been the role of women in our society for a century and half.

  Artist Bio

  Carlos Ferg (b. 1977) is a Spanish artist who has lived in Manchester (United Kingdom) for eight years, where he has established his studio and from where he develops all his work.

After living in several cities in Spain, during part of his childhood and adolescence, he graduated in Art History from the University of Castilla - La Mancha in 2001. That year, he moved to Madrid, not pursuing an artistic career, and although he was always had a taste for drawing, he wanted to take painting lessons, a step further beyond the simple application of drawing on paper. While he was working on different fields far from the creative environment, he had a hunger for visiting museums, something that kept his connection with the artistic environment.

  After ten years living in Madrid, and due to awful personal circumstances, he began a process of learning pictorial techniques on his own, investigating and developing his own style, first through the medium considered essential throughout of history, oil technique. During this stage, he was really interested in the work of Velázquez and, fundamentally, Sorolla’s study of volume and light.

  At that time, he had the opportunity to move to the UK and the possibility to explore and learn new mixed media techniques such as pastel, acrylics, etc., apart from receiving new artistic and pictorial influences from the 18th C and 19th C British artists.

  It is in 2015, when he decided to develop a more solid project that will lead him to configure his own work, prompting his personal style in terms of technique and content.

  Since 2017, he has had the opportunity to work with galleries such as Carré d´Artistes Gallery (France), and Galerie Evénementielle (France), selling his work in the United Kingdom, Norway, the United States, France and Spain. In addition, he has expanded the channels to show his work through online art auctions, considering the weight that these platforms have gained in recent years in the Art market, due to their ability to divulge work globally. On the other hand, he has had the opportunity to publicize his work exhibiting at the Manifest Art Manchester and also displaying his work at The Liverpool Art Book edited by Emma Bennet and The Guide Artists magazine as well.

  He has a professional studio at Awol Studios, Manchester, UK. A space for artistic and creative development, which brings together a hundred spaces, creating a unique community in an unique environment, because it is one of the few factories of the Industrial Revolution that have been preserved to this day, considered a Grade II historical heritage.