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 A gender issue.


"At present I´m focused on a new figurative project, based on develop the concept of Symbolism  from 19th century in a new way, trying to show how has been the role of women in our society for a century and half. More than a century ago, the role of women in society was largely dependent on the will of men, while society was purely patriarchal.


Throughout this time, the role of women has evolved in importance, gaining rights and freedoms that were forbidden to them long ago through struggle and effort until today. It is our task as human beings to assert those rights obtained and fight to defend gender equality in our society. And not only with regard to women, the concept of gender today is much broader than it was a century ago.

 My effort consists in questioning how much we still have to achieve a society in which we can live as equal beings, enjoying the same rights regardless of gender and by extension race, religious or political beliefs or any other condition".

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